Nomad launched its AirPods Pro leather case

The introduction of the AirPods Pro has surprised everyone, and manufacturers have had to react quickly to present their own customized accessories. As so often happens, good to come, and Nomad's AirPods Pro leather case was no exception. The iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods accessories manufacturer has just launched its new leather case to protect them, and is also coming with many improvements over the previous model of the first and second generation AirPods.

This case against Nomad is made up of two things: polycarbonate inner shell that provides its texture and resistance, and Horween leather outer cover, the same we already know about strings and covers that we have been able to prove in some cases, which can later grow only in the patina on fine skin. Nomad opted to incorporate microfiche inside, something that no other manufacturer has yet to do, and that will help the luggage box with its glossy white finish to stay longer.

Other improvements include the hitch band band, yes Nomad has made his own tape if you want the right game for this case, an enhanced LED display charging system and a dedicated pairing button, so that we can press it without removing the charge, complete details. Of course Lightning port is fully accessible and we can charge wirelessly if we wish. It's available in two colors, black and brown, and we can currently find it on the Nomad website (link) for $ 34.95, though like all Nomad products it will be available soon at specialty stores and Amazon such as Macnificos.



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