Now available iOS 15.5, watchOS 8.6 and other updates

After weeks of waiting with Beta versions of iOS 15.5, The new (and possibly the last) major iOS 15 update is now available for download on all our devices.

We can now download iOS 15.5 on our iPhone and iPadOS 15.5 on our iPads. This new version hadn’t shown any cool new features in the betas we’ve been testing for the past few weeks, but the final version brings a cool new feature for those of us who use the native Podcasts app. iPhone. If you’re one of those who use it, you might have noticed on occasion that despite setting episode downloads to keep only the latest episodes and deleted ones played, your iPhone’s storage gets fills more and more. This new version 15.5 seems to solve this problem with a new option which allows you to keep only the last five podcasts of each program

As long as they are episodic. If it is a “serial” podcast, all will be kept.

In addition, we also have improvements in Apple Cash in regions where this Apple payment system is available, which has not yet arrived in Europe despite the rumors that assured it long ago. We have watchOS updates to version 8.6 and this brings a new feature which Our readers in Mexico will love: the Apple Watch ECG will finally be available in this country

once you have updated your Apple Watch (from series 4) to this new version. In the case of the update to macOS 12.4, what we have are the expected improvements to the camera of the Studio Display, of which we will see if it really delivers the promised quality, and we also have updates for Apple TV and HomePod but with little transcendent improvement and practically invisible to the user. This will likely be the last batch of major updates before WWDC 2022, where we’ll see iOS 16.



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