Pinball Heroes debuts in Apple Arcade

Zombie Rollerz

I like pinball machines. It was the first arcade machine I discovered when I went to the bar with my dad. I had to get on a chair to be able to play, and I barely managed to press the buttons on the sides of the machine.

If you also like hitting steel balls with pinball machines and racking up points by watching the ball bounce, try this zombie game which will premiere in Apple Arcade. He’s got a pinball machine inside the sea of ​​friends.

Zombie Rollerz: Flipper Heroes is the latest version of the Apple Arcade gaming platform. It is available for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Mac. You can play with compatible controllers for iOS.

This is the novelty of this week on the platform. It fuses the classics “Pinball” and “Defend the Tower” in an exciting sequel to the award-winning Zombie Rollerz franchise created especially for Apple Arcade


Kill zombies and play pinball

Select a hero then climb on his Pinball ballista to explore an ever-changing world in this epic new game. You’ll have to stay one step ahead of the zombie plague, battle through hordes of zombies, and face off against a unique zombie boss at the end of each race.

The game changes with every game, so you can play over and over again to collect all the characters, defeat all the zombie bosses and become a pinball hero.

  • Defending the tower game guarantees hours and hours of exciting content without repetitions.
  • Fight adorable zombies in a cartoon world.
  • A next generation pinball experience combined with tower defense.
  • Discover and unlock hundreds of hero and power combinations.
  • Unique zombie bosses change the challenge with each match.

A fun game for kids over 9 years, which combines the typical tower defense game against zombies combined with the classic pinball machine of a lifetime. If you are an Apple Arcade subscriber, give it a try.



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