Pixelmator for iOS is updated with various improvements in the browser

Pixelmator for iOS

The new version of Pixelmator for iOS is getting some exciting new features for file checking, more setup for image size and better integration with iCloud Drive or other file providers. In this case a new version made by Pixelmator group engineers

They have made an effort to make this app remain one of the best things we have worked for iOS devices without forgetting that its power is its easy-to-use and very attractive content price for those who do not need a professional photo editing tool.

In this case version 2,5 The app adds enhancements or better specifies a file-based document browser, a new image browser that makes it easier to navigate and open images from your photo library, and a new image size. With this file-based document browser we can open and manage all our documents in a very productive way. In addition the app can also add a new way to "customize" the size of standard photos, such as 3: 2 or A4.

Pixelmator takes full advantage of the latest iOS technology, which offers powerful tools that allow you to enhance and resize images, draw and paint, stunning effects, and create high-quality songs in a super-easy way. Once you finish your photo, share it to celebrate your work with the world.

These new features are those added to the app in the form of a free update for those who already have the app downloaded and purchased for a long time and for those who do not, can download it from the App Store at 5.99 euros.

Pixelmator (AppStore Link)


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