Pixelmator Photo is now available for iPhone

Pixelmator Photo

One of the image editing apps on Mac and iPhone is Pixelmator, and much more commonly known as Pixelmator Pro. In this case, the Pixelmator Photo application is a little less popular, it has been a while since it received the version on iPad and in the last update available from the application which is 2.0, the developer added it directly to the iPhone.

So now we can enjoy Pixelmator Photo directly on our iPhone with a one-time purchase of 3.99 dollars.

The best thing is that Pixelmator Photo is very neatly designed so that it can be used from iPhone. Thanks to its great interface, the user will be able to highlight the changes in the photos in a simple, productive and efficient way. In this new version, some cool new features have been added so that Pixelmator Photo app is a good choice when editing our photos.

Removing objects from a photo with its included tool is quick and easy, and it also allows editing of over 600 RAW image formats, including Apple ProRAW.

You can configure workflows, sync options between iCloud and Pixelmator Photo itself, as well as take advantage of the built-in Share extension. Those photos that remain noisy can be edited with this appMoreover, if you are not satisfied with the result of an edit, you can always revert to the original. In any case, the application is really complete and the users who use it have been eagerly awaiting it for the iPhone, and now they will be able to enjoy it at no cost. You can find more information on the Pixelmator website.

Pixelmator Photo: Pro Editor (AppStore link)



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