Rain Alarm Pro also known as Rain Alarm XT is receiving a major update

An app that does weather work on our iPhone or iPad has found a new version called 4.0 where new interesting features are added.

In addition to the general improvements in the durability and security of the application, we are discovering new outstanding features, among which we want to advance the option of seeing a detailed forecast for the next few days.

This option was not available before and in the new version users can now see the weather forec ast at.

You can download Rain Alarm Pro here.

Rain Alarm Pro

Another important feature of this new version is that we can now add an alarm manually to the main map screen. You just have to click the plus sign + and set the location you want by clicking anywhere on the map. As soon as the marker is dragging across the map we may have more accuracy, so if it rains in that area or is about to do so, it will notify us with notice. Manually delete alarms we should be able to directly access the settings and look for the option «Alarms» to disable them by clicking on them.

This is exciting news about the operation of the app, which has never had a chance to see the weather. Also, for those of us who like to see the emergence of the weather and want a unique app, Rain Alarm XT completely meets expectations. in addition We already have the Apple Watch app running again. If you want to see more or less what this app is like, you can log in to its website for free, it has no warnings and others but this is what you will see in the app, the appearance of clouds in a selected area with different colors to identify storms, etc.

Imvula Alarm Pro (AppStore Link)

Rain Alarm Pro

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