Satechi presents a MagSafe charger for the iPhone 12

Satechi MagSafe

The accessories manufacturer Satechi, has just announced its first charger compatible with the new iPhone 12 which uses MagSafe technology, a charger designed for work with magnets on the back of this new range of iPhone just like the Apple charger but with a more attractive design and color.

Even if cannot charge at the same speed as the original Apple MagSafe charger

, This charger offers maximum charging power of 7.5W with 18W AC adapter, it is a better choice than any other wireless charging base because it fits perfectly in to the charging area of ​​devices, so we will avoid waking up due to the morning with bad news if the iPhone has not been charged.

Satechi MagSafe

This Satechi charging base has a 1.5 meter cable, long enough to be able to continue using the iPhone while it is charged and finished space gray color. Like Apple’s MagSafe charging station, a power adapter is not included in the contents of the box, so we will have to use one that we have at home or buy a new one.

Satechi MagSafe

If we have an iPhone 12 but the case that protects it not compatible with MagSafe

(it does not incorporate magnets) we will have to buy the magnetic sticker that Satechi offers us to place on the back of our iPhone. We can also use this sticker on iPhone models without this technology.

The Satechi MagSafe Charging Base can now be reserved on this manufacturer’s website for $ 29.99. If we want the magnetic sticker as well, we will need to pay extra $ 9.99. Those who book from today through December 16 can get a 20% discount using code MAGNET before making payment.



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