Say goodbye to duplicate contacts with the arrival of iOS 16

iOS 16 Duplicate Contacts

Week after week, the developer betas of iOS 16 roll out. Apple has integrated many functions into this new operating system and many of them are analyzed week after week. However, iOS 16 also included dozens of small features and options that, although invaluable, will change the lives of users. In this case, we discovered a feature where we previously had to install third-party apps: duplicate contacts.

From now on, iOS will detect which are the duplicate contacts and help us to unify the contacts.

A Very Common Error Will Go Away in iOS 16: Duplicate Contacts

Often, with the change of phone or SIM card, we go crazy. Although this may have happened more a few years ago than now, where the general trend is to store everything in the cloud so that information can be easily dumped. One of these data is contacts. On many occasions, when the contacts are emptied, they are duplicated and we end up with dozens of duplicate contacts with information scattered throughout the contact list.

Until now, to delete or merge duplicate contacts, we had to go to the App Store and download apps that would help us in this task. iOS 16 kills third-party apps by detecting duplicate contacts and offering to merge contacts. Here’s how we can see it thanks to a Reddit user:

[FEATURE] iOS 16 Beta 1: detection of duplicates in contacts since iOSBeta

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At the top of the Contacts app, a sign appears with the number of duplicate contacts. When we click on the menu, we access a window where the what are these duplicate contacts and maps with the information they have. Apple offers via iOS 16 merge all duplicate contacts keep all information, not clearly repeated, in a single contact.



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