Scribble now available in Spanish for iPadOS 14

Logically, this function available in the operating system iPadOS 14 will also be available in the next version currently in beta, iPadOS 15. We are talking about the function called by Apple “Scribble” with which the user can use Apple Pencil on your iPad to write by hand and convert to text or select words by drawing a circle, also known as smart handwriting.

Well, this function which was not available in our language is now available, besides adding the French, Portuguese, German, Italian and Spanish from Mexico and Latin America. Thus, any user with an iPad and an Apple Pencil can enjoy it today in any version of iPadOS 14 (we do not know if it is available in the beta version of iOS 15).

This tool is built into the entire operating system, so users can insert text into different applications without having to perform a specific action to do so. In this sense, we have to say that for the moment the option that allows us to search for words or handwritten texts is currently only available in English and Chinese

. But the rest of the functions are already active, so all users who have an iPad and an Apple Pencil can start to enjoy them.

A simple example of using this function is, for example, write a text with the pencil in the Safari search bar, the system is able to detect it and convert it to text for easy access to the web page or the like.



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