Shazam hides Apple Music surprise

Shazam is giving away 5  free months of Apple Music

This morning, January 1, 2021, it couldn’t get off to a better start for users who don’t have a subscription to the Apple Music streaming service. Thanks to the user “Castizo” belonging to the Telegram group of Actualidad iPhone for a long time, we discovered a surprise when entering the Shazam app.

It is a free 2-month subscription to the Apple Music service and which is available to everyone who enters the app. It looks like Apple is continuing to run these types of promotions to encourage users to hire this service and this time around Shazam was the bridge.

Apple Music

Like always Once the free period is over, we will receive the 9.99 dollars per month, the $ 4.99 if you are a student or we can change the plans to family for $ 14.99 per month User can always cancel the subscription before billing us for the first month, but remember that at the moment cancellation, you will no longer be able to enjoy the service, so wait for the expiration of the term or for a short time.

In this sense, the application has already launched an interesting promotion at the end of November with the 5 months free of Apple Music for its users, this time most of those who access it will receive two months, without a doubt it is interesting to take advantage of this new promotion. Logically, it is necessary to have the Shazam application installed on the iPhone

and for that we leave the link below. The application is completely free and helps us to identify songs in an easy and convenient way.

Happy New Year everyone!

Shazam (AppStore link)


Shazam Entertainment Limited



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