Shot on iPhone 12 Pro Max to celebrate Chinese New Year


Shot on iPhone is one of the most visited sagas on Apple’s official YouTube channel and in this case the “Shot on iPhone” was released to celebrate Chinese New Year and it is titled: Nian. The protagonist of the short film in this case is a girl who is afraid of “Nian”, the Chinese monster.

All this short footage was recorded with the cameras of the 12 Pro Max using some essential props for several scenes in a logical way. The ad is directed by Lulu Wang, and these types of shorts really surprise with the cutscene and editing work they have.

This is the short of a little less than 12 minutes in which you will be able to enjoy the story titled “Nian” with this curious girl who will investigate alone the mythical creature that lives in the forest and who, according to her parents, likes to eat children:

The “Making of” is also usually one of the videos posted with the celebration itself. This one shows some great details of the short film and how they managed to pull off this quality video. Here is the video:

Since then The work Apple has done in these shorts is surprising and with this moving story they want to congratulate the Chinese New Year. The Cupertino company typically participates in that country’s vacation which lasts about a month and which this year is affected by some of the COVID-19 outbreaks affecting the country.



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