Shot on iPhone – Hollywood at home with iPhone 13

Hollywood at home

One of the videos we love the most about Apple is from experiences with cameras on new iPhone models. In these kinds of videos, what Apple really does is show the video options offered by the cameras on their devices and the possibilities we have to create truly spectacular content with certain resources.

These essential videos to capture ideas and especially to see the surprising results they offer, these Shot on iPhone from Apple are really interesting. In this case we want to share a new video of the “Daily Experiences” saga with which we have already seen several interesting tips on previous occasions.

This is the new video that Apple offers us in this saga and in which we can see some great things we can do with our iPhone 13. Actually, some of them can be done with other iPhone models, so go ahead and get the most artistic footage.

At the end of last month we have already seen another video from this saga and now we have a new one. Apple’s “Shot on iPhone” campaign has been a benchmark in creativity and work videos for many years, it is really great in so many ways and is that besides showing what can be done with it. the camera of our iPhone although as they say not the last model released. These videos highlight the tremendous work and ingenuity of users and professionals who make this type of short film with a mobile phone, something that was unthinkable a few years ago.



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