silicone for € 39 and leather for € 49

IPhone SE cases

Apple is certainly ready to beat the manufacturers of Android smartphones with its new iPhone SE. Proof of this is the information I saw on the incident page on the company's website. Quote action: "Do you have Android? We explain why the change. "

It is clear that introducing a IPhone for € 489 it is actually a statement of intent. A basic model with good features and a solid price point, being Apple, of course. And its accessories are also according to its price. Silicone and Apple leather cases are now available on the new iPhone SE.

Apple recently added a few to the Apple store silicone and leather cover for the new iPhone SE. The first at a price of 39 Euros and skins 49 Euros. Not bad, considering that it is Apple's first case.

Coverings for leather They are available in three colors: midnight is blue, black and red. They can be pre-ordered, with delivery starting tomorrow.

Those silicone They are available in three colors, different from the previous one. In this case the covers can be in color pink, white or black sand

. Also available for delivery starting tomorrow.

It's funny how the company offers leather cases for its low-cost phone. Remember there are no skin holes for her IPhone XR no iPhone 11. There are only leather cases for the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11Pro Max, and now for the iPhone SE.

Of course, the charge for the new iPhone SE doesn't end here. In Amazon You can still find them, and within a few days you will find them in stores any cellphone near you.



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