Siri will be able to play animal sounds

Hey siri

This is another of the many new features that have been implemented or will gradually be implemented in the new version of iOS for iPhone and iPad. In this case, we are talking about the future because despite the fact that the novelty appears in the notes of Apple for now it does not seem to work, at least personally I didn’t realize it

And it doesn’t seem like anyone from Actualidad’s iPhone team either.

But if we look a little further at this novelty that appears in the Siri notes and that we no longer see anywhere it’s something the other participants do and that it is not that it has a specific use beyond entertainment.

In MacRumors for example, they failed to reproduce the sounds of these animals by putting Siri on the iPhone or the iPad, but they have it on a HomePod … in fact, that it reproduces the an animal’s sound is not that it is a noticeable improvement, the less curious it is but hardly more. These Siri news could come later for iPhone and iPad more quietly in the new version of iOS but if you have a HomePod you can try to see.

Of course, a lot of us think there are other things to improve or implement in Apple Device Assistant besides this, but hey, Apple is in charge of adding these new features and more. we have options, the better. It’s really not very useful and we have tried it on other wizards and what this type of “news” really does is waste a little time. Okay, there are animal sounds that are curious and the like, but this kind of novelty in the wizard doesn’t add much either.



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