Some Apple stores will allow maskless access soon

According to popular media Bloomberg, the Cupertino company would propose for this week the removal of a supplement to which they are accustomed, we are already like masks. In this direction tech giant could implement changes in access to its stores, free access for those who are vaccinated.

On the other hand, it seems that employees must use the mask until further notice, but not customers. Bloomberg report explained in internal press release sent to not all stores

that this change could be imminent even tomorrow.

She has always been consistent and confident in her efforts in the fight against the pandemic

The Cupertino company cannot be blamed for anything regarding the way it has managed to deal with this pandemic in its stores. We can say that visiting one of the Apple Stores was very safe even with mandatory single-use gloves at the entrance, masks, a temperature measurement, limited access etc. endless safety measures to prevent contagions from spreading in their stores.

Everything seems to indicate that this change in their Security against COVID-19 will take effect on Tuesday, June 15 and employees were informed that they would not be asked to ask customers to check immunization.

Little by little it seems that the pandemic will be brought under control and thanks to vaccines and people’s awareness, we are gradually returning to normalcy. In other large chains and companies in the United States, it also appears that they would embrace the changes for their customers. Without a doubt good news in every way.



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