Some developers already have the 15% commission

Apple's El nuevo Small Business Program App Store

Although the 15% reduction on commission charged by Apple to developers is not officially expected enters into force on January 1, 2021Some developers have already seen this reduction on their fees.

The point is, thousands or millions of developers are going to benefit from these fee discounts and many are charging up to $ 1 million per year in the Apple App Store

. Anyway, some are already showing the applied discount.

El tweeted on Coding David Hodge He says it clearly:

So all the developers who are waiting for the commission cut can arrive sooner than expected if we pay attention to the steps that are underway at Apple. On the other hand, if you are one of the developers who want to know all the details about the case, you can access all the information from this official Apple website where they explain to us with all the luxury of detail how you can sign up and some more details about this commission reduction.

The clear ones that won’t get a commission cut are Epic Games, for obvious reasons., and other development companies that are large and charge a significant amount per year over and above the $ 1 million cap that Apple adds to qualify for this reduction.



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