“Switch to Android” app will import your data from iCloud to Google Photos

iOS versus Android

We’ve been discussing the plans you’ve had for some time now. Google will launch an application for the transition from iOS to Android This is more easily done in the same way that Apple has already launched its application for the reverse process. New information about the app that would be called “Switch to Android”, reveals Google’s intention to migrate your iCloud data (in case every user wants it so) a Google Photos.

In the middle of last year, the news already sounded that Google was working on an exclusive application for iOS that would make it much easier to change all information from an iOS device (iPhone or iPad) to an Android device (smartphone or tablet)

promote and facilitate the change of terminals for users. In this way, he would face the application launched by Apple to “Go to iOS” on Android terminals.

The app will connect your old iOS device and your new Android device through the Wi-Fi connectivity of both to copy data directly. This way it will be easier than having to make a copy of your data in Google Drive and restore it to the Android device (Current modification method). It would work a bit like when we switch iOS devices, we place them next to each other and all the data is transferred directly, but between two different ecosystems.

The “Switch to Android” or “Switch to Android” application may, according to the latest information, not only copy our contacts, messages and even apps between the two devices, but it could also copy iCloud information. So far, copying contacts, messages, etc. it would be made only from the information saved locally on the iOS devices. In this way, “Switch to Android” would allow us to copy all the photos and videos that we have stored in iCloud to Google Photos. However, it’s not yet clear if the app will be able to speed up this migration to Google Photos by working directly with your iCloud data, or if the traditional transfer that takes several days will continue.

This is undoubtedly good news for users who want to switch from iOS to Android. because it will be able to greatly facilitate their switching experience as well as create a “common” ecosystem in which we would already have a transfer of information between iOS and Android in a simple way and which would allow everyone to use the device that best suits them Everytime.



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