Techniques Used By GrayKey iPhone Hack Tool Leaked

Lately we only see ads for Apple tells us about the privacy of our devices, privacy that promises to keep our data safe. Is it safe? Well, to a large extent yes the proof of this are the requests that international organizations have made to unlock iPhones involved in a public crash, Apple has always refused to unlock the devices, they say they can’t . This is how companies were born with the aim of hacking them, in particular GrayShift from which your way of working has just been filtered. Keep reading this We take you through how GrayKey, the GrayShift hack tool for iPhone, works.

And you will remember petitions after attacks or disappearances of people, GrayShift has always been on everyone’s lips because they promise to unlock devices. As they do? by brute force, as you can see below the device although installs an agent on the device that may prevent the device from being locked after multiple incorrect password attemptsAll it does is try password l ists until it finds one.

An alphanumeric code on an Apple mobile device can be automatically detected by GrayKey and further action by the analyst will be required.

  • When the device is connected, GrayKey will try to install the agent.
  • The analyst has the option of using the default wordlist named “crackstation.human-only.txt” which contains approximately 63 million passwords and may take approximately 183 days to process the entire list.
  • Create a new list of alphanumeric passwords:
    • Create a new text file using Notepad or Notepad ++
    • All passwords must be entered line by line
    • Save the file in .txt format
    • Load the text file into GrayKey

* If there are time restrictions when entering the device, try a custom list instead of the default GrayKey.

Once the brute force agent is properly installed, airplane mode will be activated and the Apple device can be disconnected or we can leave it connected to extract the data from it.

Do companies like GrayShift need to exist? Well, it depends on how they’re used, to help with missing person investigations or to uncover terrorist plots, yes, but who can assure us that they’re not being used for any other purpose. Anyone who thinks what they want at least we know our devices are safe and the only way to unlock them is through processes that can take months, if not years.



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