Telegram is updated with video calls with 1000 viewers

Telegram video appeals to 1000 viewers

One of the apps we use the most in our smart devices is the messaging apps. For many games, media content applications that we have, communication is something that we need on a daily basis, and there is a wide range of messaging applications. And today we bring you the latest from one of the best: Telegram. And is this Telegram just updated with video calling nothing more and nothing less than 1000 spectators

. Keep reading as we tell you all the details of this new update.

Yes in june they upd ated the app with the new video call feature

up to 30 people. now him the limit is increased up to 1000 spectators, a cool new feature that allows people to join the video call and interact without having to participate in the video call. Something like what we have in Clubhouse but with video. The update also brings us improvements to the function of video messages that improve their resolution
and now let us expand them. And for anyone who wants your app to be clean, you will now have the option to schedule automatic deletion of messages for 1 month, 1 day and a week.

This update takes video to the next level. the group video calls now they have until 1000 spectators, The videomensajes are recorded in high quality and can be enlarged, normal videos can be viewed at a speed 0.5 O 2x. We also add the split screen with sound a all video calls, including calls between two users, much more.

You know, Telegram is one of the best messaging apps, and with updates like these, it’s even more true. We already know that this type of app at the end of the day what it does is copy features that others already had, but the truth is, they do it well. We’ll see what they surprise us with in the next update. You too,What do you think of these bedrooms that are becoming so trendy? Would you like a group video call like this with our next podcast? We read you …



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