The 12.9 “iPad Pro with mini LED display for March

All rumors suggest that Apple will launch a new 12.9-inch iPad Pro with mini-LED display for this month of March. In addition to the rumors about the screen change, it also looks like we will have a change in the thickness of the equipment and that is, this type of screen would add 0.5mm to the current model as MacRumors support explains.

The rumor which is quite continuous with what we have been reading for months, comes from the Mac Otakara site and in this medium they claim that 11-inch models will not receive changes to their screenThus, only new panels will be added on the larger iPad Pro models.

It is expected that The 11-inch iPad Pro has a slight change in cameras And it is that they will perhaps stand out a little less in these new models of iPad Pro. What seems obvious is that in a little over two months we will have some news for the iPad Pro and these will be arriving in the form of new displays, improved processors and the like. .

What is clear is that we have been with long rumors about the changes in the screen of the iPad Pro and in this case it could be the last since the mini-LED display is one of these components which will arrive sooner or later on computers. from Apple. In this case it looks like the first one would be the bigger iPad Pro, we’ll see if finally Apple doesn’t implement it in both models although rumors only speak of the bigger model.



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