The 5G mmWave of the iPhone 13 will finally arrive in other countries

IPhone 13 Concept

In a few weeks we will be able to know all the news regarding the iPhone 13. It is likely that the date of the presentation will be announced in the coming weeks and it is assumed that it could take place between the first and the second week. September. We are moving away from the particular year 2020 when the presentation was in October due to delays due to the pandemic. According to a leak from a well-known consulting firm that publishes analysis and forecasts IPhone 13 to feature major hardware changes, including 5G mmWave technology expansion to other countries

outside of the United States such as Germany, United Kingdom, China or Canada.

Countries like UK or Germany could receive 5G mmWave from iPhone 13

The company that published the report is TrendForce, known for its research on future Apple products. In his last analysis, he speculated on the arrival of a much faster 5nm chip than the iPhone 12. This is the A15 Bionic chip, which will increase the processing speed of the entire interface in addition to increasing energy efficiency. This last point is interesting since it would optimize the lifespan of the batteries and therefore of the iPhone itself.

Another of the most important questions is possible extension of 5G mmWave technology to other countries.

Currently, the iPhone 12 is only compatible with 5G mmWave in the United States. However, over the past year, some countries have invested in this type of technology and may be ready to promote its use through the iPhone 13. Some of these countries may be Germany, China, Japan, United Kingdom or Canada.

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This concept shows an iPhone 13 with a lower notch and a better camera

The mmWave: does not cross walls, but its speed is higher

This conjecture goes hand in hand with physical data based on an increase in antenna suppliers who need this technology which would allow us to see Apple’s intentions with the iPhone 13. Finally, and to understand the importance of 5G mmWave, we have to understand how it works and what implications it could have for the device as it happens. with iPhone 12.

MmWave is grouped into frequencies between 24 and 100 GHz, a spectrum where they are performed speeds of over 10 Gbp / s. This spectrum is less saturated but there are two drawbacks: they do not go through walls and their range is less, besides that they need a special antenna.



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