The 802.11a standard Wi-Fi could be the final push for Apple Glass

We've been talking about the possibility of Apple introducing augmented reality virtual reality glasses called Apple glasses and now have news of the standard WiFi 802.11a and new rumors. This new WiFi connection program can be launched on other Cupertino company devices as well such a high bandwidth combined with low latency

which can be a clear complement to additional virtual mirrors.

High resolution images will be a strong point of these glasses and logically in this case it is important to have a little light, so new 802.11a WiFi system and channel, It all seems to indicate that it will be time to look at the last part of these glasses that we have been crying about for so long. We'll see what happens over time …

More often than not we should emphasize, Cupertino's company does not show any details or important details that reflect the imminent launch of these illegal virtual glasses, although it is true that the opportunity to do so is out of the corner of communication development and especially latency. We do not see that during the upcoming debate next March, Apple will present this product to us, they are expected in the long term

, although this is a good move for the brand thanks to the transmission of up to 44 gigabits per second that can be achieved with the new 802.11a WiFi standard.



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