The AirPods Pro 2021 in two sizes?

AirPods Pro W2

A rumor or rather a leak that reached the social network Twitter a few hours ago about the AirPods Pro, shows us an image of what could be the W2 chips that the new Apple headphones would wear next year. In this image posted by Mr-white, he shows what could be an internal component of the AirPods Pro and in this case it talks about the W2 chips which would be the next generation of the H1


The images filtered by this social network user show us two different size and that would give rise to the option to arrive of two different headphone averages as also explained in MacRumors. It’s something that seems really strange to us, but with Apple you never know …

this is and tweet from Mr-white in which the images are presented with two different sizes and this suggests that next year’s AirPods will also have two sizes:

Honestly, having two sizes of earbuds doesn’t seem useful for several reasons and less in AirPods Pro which are in-ear headphones, so the smaller and tighter in all respects the better. On the general size of the AirPods Pro, what is precisely wanted is that they are not too rough, so In the case of component minimization, it is doubtful that the larger model will be launched in terms of dimensions


Another issue is the AirPods and AirPods Pro model that we have seen for a long time amid rumors. This in itself can cause the internal components to vary, as is the case with this W2 chip which is shown in the pictures and which has different sizes. We will finally see what Apple is launching in March, which at the moment should be quite busy and we have not yet completed 2020.



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