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Coronavirus is changing the global order as they know it so far. From big companies that delay the launch of their products, to smaller companies that manufacture internationally or even to unions that have never been seen before, such as Apple and Google. However, we still have a long way to go to get rid of this virus and get back to our normal lives. The latest news about Coronavirus is that Apple

registered with the domain The same day he announced a partnership with Google to create a platform that allows for better case management and subsequent information from people who maintain contact with such cases.

Apple has not yet updated its new website

The WhoIs domain analysis platform lets you decide who owns a particular domain. A recent search by MacRumors found that Apple bought a new domain: The information we can get from the tracking platform is not a big deal unless the owner is Apple Inc and in no uncertain terms it is sent to your email delivered to all major apple domains. The website does not contain any active or public content.

The exciting thing about all of this is that a new domain is registered It was done on the same day when Apple and Google announced their historic partnership.

This interaction is based on the so-called digital traceability. The general purpose of this integration is not to access a shared application.

The purpose is to allow iOS and Android devices to receive and share data using Bluetooth to record which people you are communicating with. In this way, combining this works applications can be created by governments or high commissions, to detect infected people using technologies provided by Google and Apple based on Bluetooth connections.



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