The best icon packs to customize your apps on iOS and iPadOS

Juice, a nice icon pack to personalize your iPad or iPhone

iOS and iPadOS 14 have made an improvement to the Shortcuts app. Users have used the ins and outs of Apple’s tool to customize your device icons using one of the available shortcuts. A few days after the official launch, social networks were filled with captures with the various personalized screens of each user. And the truth is, months later, designers are still working to come up with the best icons to personalize our screens. We show you a compilation with the best icon packs to give a different touch to your springoboard

with the arrival of 2021.

Customize your app icons on iOS and iPadOS 14

The arrival of iOS 14.3 was an improvement over icon customization. Indeed, previously, when a shortcut was personalized, when we accessed it, we had to go through the Shortcuts application itself to launch the application in question. However, the new update enabled the launch of the app bypass Apple’s tool.

To customize the icons, we just need to have the images for the different applications that we want to customize. In addition, with the arrival of the application library in iOS 14, the creation of the different home screens is completely to the user’s taste, being able to delete all the applications he wants. However, the recommendation is that the icons follow a pattern and a scheme

which brings harmony to the device.

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For this, many icon packs with the most frequent applications have been put on sale. The only point to comment is that the most beautiful or the most modern are paid so that the designer can make a profit for his work. Some of the most used packs currently are:

  • Quiet: this pack has a free version with a few icons in a clear version. However, it has a paid PRO version with dozens of apps and different models.
  • Juice: This pack created by Michael Flarup costs $ 9 and you can use it to customize icons for iOS, iPadOS, and macOS. A luxury that contains several models for each application.
  • Ultimate Free Icon: This pack contains 100 different icons in dark mode to give your iPhone or iPad a new touch. Plus, it includes the icons in PSD so you can change them if you want.
  • 360 Black: in a round format and giving an “Android” touch to your iPhone, you have this completely free icon pack that you must download from Behance.
  • Traf: black, gray, blue and white are the colors chosen for the 120 icons of this pack worth 28 dollars. Stylish and minimalistic icons to give a different touch to your device.

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