The hacker wanted to set up Apple with iCloud

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The trick was unsuccessful and eventually the hijacker or hijacker who wanted to kiss the company was left wanting. And that's it Kerem Albayrak, who was said to be a "stunt" by a group of self-proclaimed hackers "Turkish Crime Family" He was eventually arrested.

What they ask for. In this case the costs they wanted to advertise for Apple were high and they asked $ 100,000 for iTunes gift cards not to publish more than 319 million iCloud accounts they thought they had access to. This didn't stop the bodies anymore the iCloud accounts these chefs mentioned seemed like they were never in danger


Apple has confirmed that they do not have access to these accounts

Own Apple confirmed that they still have no access to iCloud accounts of those who claim to own it and therefore all this was a misdemeanor rather than a charge of access to the accounts. In short, the last thing that happened to this 22-year-old in London was that he was arrested The National Cybercrime Unit of the United Kingdom and all possessions in his home were taken for investigation.

Apple's complaint about this wasteful effort reached a number of competing platforms in the United States and the United Kingdom over the past few months and all It ended with the arrest of Albayrak, which could end up containing one season in an attempt to defraud a big company like Apple.

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