The iPad “saves” the production of the iPhone 13

And is that having internal components in both computers that are the same can be Apple’s salvation in these critical times from component and chip shortage. It seems like some of these iPad components are used to make more iPhone 13 models and not suffer so much with the scarce stock they have right now. In addition, it will significantly strengthen the purchasing options for these vacations that the company’s flagship is expected to have.

According to an Asia Nikkei report, iPad and iPhone share several internal components such as chips and the like, clearly allowing the Cupertino company to switch supplies between devices to prioritize one or the other based on device demand. What we now read in MacRumors as news is something that had already been discussed a few months ago on the network and it looks like Apple is finally using these same components to meet the demand or possible demand for the new iPhone 13s and 13 Pro above. all.

Could this lead to more iPad shortages? Well, it’s not something we know exactly yet, but it looks like iPad production was cut in half a few months ago due to somewhat lower sales forecasts. IPad shipments are still high but may be slightly lower than iPhone shipments and the company seems will favor the stock of the iPhone before the iPad

. For now, the important thing is to have the maximum product inventory for Apple and as we continue with the component shortage they will have to deal very well with the eventual rebound in purchases in all available products.



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