The iPhone SE 2020 can start in less than 24 hours

It looks like it's finally not going to be the iPhone 9, it's going to be the iPhone SE, otherwise, and we'll leave you in doubt in a very short time, very little to say that when you read this article it's already for sale. The arrival of the new iPhone SE 2020 is very close as in a few hours it can be launched on Apple's website


The months of rumors can last in just a few hours. As 9to5Mac has published, claiming to have more reliable data, the new iPhone SE will be launched on April 3, 2020. If this is true, in just a few hours we see the new iPhone on Apple's website. We won't finally have the iPhone 9, but Apple will choose to keep the iPhone SE (Special Edition) name and simply enter the name "2020" to separate it from the original type. Will be available at three colors: black, white and red

(Product RED) and three capabilities: 64, 128 and 256GB.

Apple will introduce accessories for this new iPhone from scratch, starting with various silicone cases (in black and white colors) and leather cases (red, black and blue). If we listen to the rumors, this new iPhone model can be found from $ 399 in its most basic type (64GB), which can translate to around € 459. The exterior design will vary from the iPhone 8, but inside would we get an A13 processor? and 4GB? of RAM. The camera can be the size of an iPhone XR

, eliminating much more than just the cheapest iPhone model.

Apple could unlock iPhone shares in a few hours, via direct sales from next week, which will also be when the first units will start arriving for those who are quick to book this new "cheap iPhone" which aims to be the best seller in many markets.



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