The next Apple TV will have 128GB and Kids Mode

Apple TV is the antithesis of the rumors whenever there is talk of Apple's release, with a new version coming out every now and then, but it's not coming. Anyway it seems like in this case yes, because Rumors abound, and may come at an increasing rate, the features of many users with a child's profile, and Time of Use.

With the launch of Apple TV + streaming service and gaming subscription service, Apple Arcadle, many other voices are saying that the new Apple TV model will be imminent. In addition, there are now allegations of leaks to confirm that the new model will come with two new capabilities: the 64 and 128GB

. Currently the models include 32 and 64GB options, but with the Apple Arcade the base model seems to be limited enough, so that its expansion seems reasonable and appropriate.

And a new model will come with it A new "Kids Mode" where parents could set off what little kids could get into

, in addition to controlling its use through the “Run time” function, which was available for a long time on iOS, iPadOS and for a limited time on macOS. The software issues won't stop there, and it looks like the Apple TV app will be redesigned with a content-focused design, something that doesn't make it very clear, but which we hope means it can see content included in a subscription service that is now hidden among all paid iTunes content.

The design of the new Apple TV will remain unchanged, and it would not be until about a year, although this could be changed due to the severe coronavirus-related cause worldwide. For this information we should also add a previous leak referring to a new control command, Siri Remote, that would come with this new device.



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