There is no refurbished iPad model on Apple’s website

Refurbished iPad

It is possible that this has nothing to do with the eventual renewal or the upcoming arrival of a new model of iPad, but it is absolutely true that for weeks the website of the company in which it sells reconditioned and reconditioned products It does not have any iPad model in stock.

That this is happening on the site of our country is strange but it could become understandable, the strange thing is that this also happens in the official domain of Apple .com

, this is where we miss each other and start to think about strange things …

It is not possible that they have not returned products or repaired products for sale in this section because there is always one of a specific model. It has now been several weeks since all the iPads they have in their product catalog have sold out, there is no stock.

Several users alerted us to this some time ago and it looks like Apple’s website remains the same. We find the rest of the products available in this section like Macs, different models of iPhone, iPod Touch, Apple TV and even on the main page, they have Apple Watch models in this section of Refurbished and certified by the company. Unlike the different models of iPad we can not find any traces and it seems strange to us.

You can visit this section from this link and you will see that there is no template available. It has nothing to do with the arrival of a new product, let alone, although it is very rare that they have not sold an iPad in this section for a few weeks. What could happen?



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