These will be the main specifications, release date and price for AirPods Studio

We are expecting the biggest leak with all the details of AirPods Studio that Apple will launch in a few days. Well, we say in a few days because we will start precisely with the release date, next June 22 at the first online WWDC in product history. That said, we have to say that the new features that will be added to Apple's new headset are quite impressive, from the noise cancellation and display mode, to the standard or to get the automatic left and right.

Equalizer with memory, neck sens or, design and price

We can say that the news does not end there and that the leaks come from there 9to5Mac it shows interesting details like a smartizer. At this rate the user can save a certain amount of measurement on each device, so the audio can be automatically converted to them. The sensors are also added to headphones so they can always know when they are placed around our neck

and in this way it makes them stop to reproduce and use it when they return it to the ears.

In a planned build it would be nice to be able to change the panels or the battery, this similarity would be guaranteed. As for the price we can't say much that it's another point to consider, and that's it they are talking about $ 350. The price is similar to that of Beats Studio 3. Without a doubt, the make-up of these headlines and the number of novelties they seem to deliver on technology will be their strong point. In a few days we will see that the truth is in all of this, so we see in the rumors and backs that they are very good.



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