This could be the design of iOS 18 and it looks very good

visionOS design

What you see is the design of visionOS, the operating system for Apple’s Vision Pro mixed reality glasses, and a leak of the possible iOS 18 Camera app could tell us that this would be the design of the next update for the iPhone.

It now seems certain that the next update for iPhone, iOS 18, which we will see for the first time on June 10 at WWDC 2024, will bring significant changes to the system design for iPhone and iPad, and if we pay attention to rumors, and the supposed logic (which Apple doesn’t always follow) that these design changes should be aimed at making the system for iPhone and iPad more similar to that used by the recently launched Apple Vision Pro. If you’ve seen the videos flooding the Internet, you probably already know what we’re talking about, if not, just look at the image at the top of the article. Transparent, translucent elements, shiny edges, reliefs… A more modern design which would really be a significant facelift for iOS and iPad OS.

iOS 18 Rumor App Camera

Well, from this image that MacRumors posted (link) which is supposedly a leak that originates from an engineer who already works with iOS 18, it seems that these rumors could be confirmed. We’re looking at what was supposed to be the iOS 18 Camera app, and we can see these translucent elements, bumps, and lighter edges to highlight interface elements. This is a very brief image, but more than enough to raise hopes of a design change that will give our iPhone a completely different look. All of this needs to be carefully quarantined as it could be a fake image or, even if genuine, it could be a simple interface test which, if genuine, could not be final. But we must recognize that things are promising.



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