This is a totally different and old foldable iPhone concept

We are convinced that Apple has been working on a foldable iPhone concept for a long time, and rumors have long pointed it out. At present, so much news about this possible terminal is no longer read Apple and it is not clear exactly the path Apple is taking for this device.

In this case, we are faced with an old, very old concept. It was uploaded to the YouTube social network on July 21, 2006 and it should be noted that Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone in January 2007

. In this case, the video was uploaded by a user who only had 6 subscribers at the time of writing and maybe no one noticed.

If it is true that personally I don’t really like this foldable iPhone design that they created at the time and that we can see in this video which is logically in low quality:

The concept created by this user or by someone who was then uploaded to the network seems to have an iPod type click wheel, as well as two folding panels in the upper part which, when opened, give way to a large touch screen. On the outside it shows a small screen like we have seen in some devices. It really is a foldable iPhone in 2006.

Logically, this iPhone concept came to naught, but it looks like some devices we’ve seen happen over the years. We don’t think that today a company uses this type of format to make a mobile device, but without a doubt by then I would surely have triumphed, don’t you think?



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