This is Spyder, a new game from Apple Arcade


Even though we aren't fans of Apple Arcade, we can enjoy that month for free now as we all or we should all be locked away at home. Yes, there is no better time to use all kinds of "one month free”That now means that without leaving home you must look for other ways.

In this case the Spyder game we found exclusive to Apple Arcade, gives the user the opportunity to put himself in the best spider's shoes and around the globe for various purposes.

Channel's Apple Arcade YouTube We have a review of what the game offers or first impressions of this seemingly really exciting addition. This is a video with some Spyder moments:

Of course what we see we love and can say that games are slowly improving in the Apple arena. It is also true that we are not dealing with spectacular games, but as I mentioned earlier, now would be a good time to enjoy this free Apple Arcade month and decide if we would like to pay those 4.99 euros a month for service costs in our country. or not. Of course this game looks great, but unfortunately not all the games they have in their catalog are like this new Spyder, a an excellent spider there are no bad bugs.



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