This is the ‘Background Sounds’ feature of the new iOS and iPadOS 15

Background sounds on iOS and iPadOS 15

iOS and iPadOS 15 have already been in the hands of developers for a few weeks in the form of a first beta. It won’t be long before Apple kicks off the second beta in which we will be able to see stability improvements and the addition of new ones that may have been left in the pipeline in the WWDC 2021 keynote. However, there are many other new features that we already have with us, like new accessibility options in iOS and iPadOS 15.

Among these new options we have the call Background sounds‘which, as its name suggests, reproduces a constant background noise to increase concentration and optimize time.

Background sounds, the new accessibility option for iOS and iPadOS 15

Apple always pays great attention to accessibility features in major updates to your operating systems. It is a way to increase the integration of your software and hardware for people with different disabilities. However, in the latest updates we see that the Big Apple also includes accessibility tools that cross borders beyond disabilities but for solve some kind of problem that spawns any user

certain situations.

iOS and iPadOS 15 couldn’t be less and one of those new options is the call Background sounds. As the name suggests, it allows us to continuously reproduce sound regardless of what is sounded in parallel in applications. The user can choose the sound they want from those available: balanced noise, clear noise, dark noise, ocean, stream or rain.

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To activate it, simply access the accessibility options in your device settings with iOS or iPadOS 15. Then click on “Background sounds”. Later, you can activate the function and select the type of sound you want to play in the background. In addition, you can configure which sound to play and if we want it to also sound when other apps play sound.



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