Tidal launches new free subscription and promises to pay artists directly

TIDAL for Apple Watch

The streaming music market has not grown as strongly as the video market. In the end, the services feed on very similar catalogs unlike what we see with platforms like Netflix, HBO or Amazon which are increasingly venturing towards their own productions to compete with each other. In music, we have big ones like Spotify or Apple Music, or other services with their audience that bet on other targets. Tidal, the service that is committed to quality, is now venturing to launch its first free subscription

. Read on as we give you all the details …

At the end of the day, to be competitive you have to be constantly reinventing, that’s what they want to do with Tidal. As they comment, They will launch their first free subscription (currently only in the US), a new subscription that will allow us to enjoy streaming music with limited interruptions, that is to say with advertising. This, yes, free but artists will continue to charge

, and they make this clear by confirming that their main interest is that artists receive fair remuneration for their music. What’s more Percentage of paid Tidal subscriptions will go to top performing artists, something independent of the payment for reproductions.

Tidal, the service that opted for high-quality music streaming from the start. Now they are trying to deal with others who come to integrate high quality music like Apple Music or Amazon Music. All in all, this is great news that gives us one more chance when it comes to listening to music. Do you mind hearing advertisements? consider a free subscription

In the end, everything comes at a price and paying while listening to advertising is one more option. We will always have the opportunity to decide on one service or another. And you, which music streaming service do you prefer?



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