TOP 10 apps with widgets on the lock screen

It’s been 14 days since Apple announced iOS 16 as a reality in Keynote, and one week less since the first full version was released to the general public. One of the biggest novelties of this operating system was the incredible possibility of customizing the home screen, from the font, to the photos that overlay the time or the possibility of including application widgets that allow it. And about the latter, there are no longer a few third-party applications that offer new widgets so that we can improve the way we work with our iPhone.

At first, and despite the fact that many apps were already updated for the arrival of iOS 16, most of the widgets available were those of Apple’s native apps, being able to put widgets for reminders, weather, activity (now that you can close the rings with just the iPhone, no Apple Watch, it was a great way to motivate people), alarms, etc. But, little by little, many third parties have nurtured and expanded the range of possibilities by updating their applications to include functional widgets on the lock screen of our iPhone

. And these are the best we have been able to test.

  • Plant Daddy – Reminders to water our plants. This application offers us simple reminders to water our plants depending on the type we have, without having to worry about what day of the week it is to know if our plants require our care. The widget occupies two positions on the lock screen.
  • Shop – To track our orders. With this application we can include a widget on the lock screen to track our orders from all Shopify websites. If you’re one of those who can’t wait to find out when your order will arrive, this is the widget.
  • FotMob – For football lovers. The application allows you to include a widget where news and updates from the world of football are displayed. That your team wins the league? You will be the first informed even without unlocking your iPhone.
  • Calendars – A highly visual and powerful alternative to the traditional Apple Calendar. It allows us a multitude of widgets, from shortcuts to create new events, to the typical reminder of your plans for today, an indicator of the current day…wonderful.
  • Zones – For international travelers or workers. Zones allow us to see different time zones at a glance.
  • Widgetsmith – We continue with customization. Widgetsmith has already caused a stir with the arrival of widgets in iOS 15, allowing us to personalize our home screens with all kinds of possibilities: Add photos, calendars, notes, clocks, shortcuts… and everything 100% customizable in fonts and color. Well, its update brings us more of the same for the lock screen this time.
  • SocialStats – Visualize your social media impact.
    SocialStats allows us to have information about our favorite social network at a glance and, for example, to be able to easily check the number of followers we have on Twitter.
  • Carrot Weather – One of the historic alternatives to the Apple Weather app. Carrot Weather is updated and now allows us to bring weather information to our lock screen. So as not to forget the umbrella in the worst moments.
  • Flighty – So you don’t miss a single flight. Thanks to Flighty, we will be able to have information on the remaining flight time, departure times and other key information when catching a plane. If we are late, surely let’s not waste time unlocking our iPhone.
  • Home Widget – Replaces shortcuts in a way for home automation. It allows us to have direct access to actions on our HomeKit devices.

We’re certainly expecting a lot from this feature in the coming months, along with live notifications coming in upcoming iOS 16 releases. a new way to interact with our devices in the hands of others and with all the possibilities of the world to come. We leave the link to each of them in the app store below so you can easily download it.

Plant Daddy — Water Reminders (AppStore Link)
Shop: All your favorite brands (AppStore link)
FotMob - Football Scores (AppStore Link)
Calendars: My Calendar and Tasks (AppStore link)
Widgetsmith (AppStore link)
Social Stats Widget (AppStore link)
CARROT Weather: Alerts & Radar (AppStore Link)
Flighty - Live Flight Tracker (AppStore Link)
Home Widget for HomeKit (AppStore Link)



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