Touch ID on the side with the LCD 2021 iPhone

Touch ID

This is what man we know tells us about his prediction Ming-Chi Kuo commentary, for the iPhone of 2021. And it seems not enough about the rumors we launched this year (which we remember the iPhone launched in September) and we also have rumors of what it might do to us in over a year, 2021

The fact is that the Kuo iPhone, the iPhone is a more expensive or lower-cost model, and the LCD screen doesn't sound unique to us but another rumor introduces fingerprint sensor. Touch the ID on the sidebar of the iPhone

It's amazing.

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Apple is preparing for more releases for the first half of 2020

The analyst says this iPhone 2021 will not add a face ID to its more expensive range but will change Its design is obviously similar to the model that will be launched in 2020, it all defies the truth but by dispelling the rumors that are not there. This week we are seeing how many rumors come up with what we will see in 2020 so it is very difficult to guess what we will see next, when there is plenty of time to do that.

Let's take a look, the LCD screen of the iPhone because they almost "bought" everything right now with no problems because this kind of screens have improved a lot and the following year they'll be better, but Enter the touch ID of the iPhone?

This I find to be even more complicated when it comes to the fingerprint reader of this year's iPhone screen and when we have a facial ID that appeared in full and at a lower production cost than when it was first introduced on the iPhone X.



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