Transfer chats from iPhone to Android device on WhatsApp coming soon


This is one of the oldest lawsuits among the users of the WhatsApp messaging app. It’s a matter of power transfer all the chats or chats we want from an iOS device to an Android device and vice versa all this simply and quickly.

The feature was officially announced at the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event, it will therefore soon be active in the models of the South Korean firm. On the other hand, it is important to note that WhatsApp has been testing the feature in recent weeks and has found that it is difficult to implement in all operating systems due to the “end-to-end encryption”, which requires additional assistance to make it work. In any case, it seems that the main problems have already been solved and now they are ready to take the plunge.

The new Galaxy Fold first to have this feature

From what we can see, this data transfer called Smart Switch will arrive first on devices with Android operating system, and more specifically on Samsung Galaxy Fold smartphones. Logically, this is “a good move” from Samsung to attract more customers or make the process a little easier for those who have an iPhone and want to switch to Samsung, since with him facilitates the transfer of chats from an iPhone to a device of the South Korean firm

simply and without losing anything.

This data transfer option includes the chats, photos, videos and voice notes themselves, and should be available now for the Samsung Galaxy Fold, then for Samsung devices other than the new model, Android and finally for iOS, without approximate delay for your arrival. WhatsApp has not officially said when they will launch the new feature for the rest of the systems, so at the moment we don’t know if this data can be transferred in the opposite direction from Samsung devices to iOS.



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