Twitter already allows you to change who can reply to an already published tweet


Jack Dorsey’s company announced a new feature that just complements the one it launched last year and that allowed us define who could respond to a tweet when it is posted, a function that limited the number of people who could reply to a tweet but did not completely avoid one of the platform’s problems.

In recent hours, Twitter has implemented a new function, a function that allows change this option after the tweet is published. To change who can reply to an already posted tweet, we need to long press the tweet and select the Change who can reply option.

Change who can reply to a tweet

At that point, a menu will appear with the same options that are displayed when limiting replies in a tweet: Everyone, the people you follow, only the people you mention. Once we’ve selected the option you want, the tweet will display the option we selected, an option that will be seen by everyone who has access to the tweet.

The new option gives users more control over who can interact with your messages, with the aim of reducing harassment on this social platform, although it is not difficult to see how this could have the undesirable effect of restricting constructive discussions. Th is new feature is currently rolling out worldwide on iOS, Android and the web version.

Twitter has been testing new features for some time before offering them on the platform, in order to get user feedback. Regarding the possibility of editing tweets, one of the requests of users since the birth of the platform, for the moment it is still not available and everything seems to indicate that it will continue like this in the future.



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