Two new challenges ready for Apple Watch users: Earth Day and International Dance Day

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Apple has prepared two new activity challenges for Apple Watch users and in this case it is the one already known to all as that of Earth Day and another which has surely just stayed in time and is that of International Dance Day.

We know the first of the challenges that Apple has already prepared for us each year, but the new one is that of International Dance Day. This new challenge which will arrive on April 29 will consist of performing a dance training of approximately 20 minutes or more

from the training application of our watch. Yes, dancing also burns calories in addition to having fun.

This is how Apple’s challenges remain for this month of April

Maybe for some users this is bullshit but for many other users These challenges can be essential for them to begin to be physically active. in a moderate but maybe constant way, so they are always welcome. There is also something that we need to be clear from the start, no one is forcing us to meet these challenges of physical activity.

But for those of us who look forward to these challenges and more we will see the dates and especially the training that we have to do

to take up the challenge, medals and stickers to share with the messaging application:

  • Next April 22 comes the Earth Day challenge: let’s go out and celebrate Earth Day by doing any type of exercise for 30 minutes or more. We can use the official Apple training app or any app that adds training to our watch.
  • On April 29, the International Dance Day challenge will arrive: Let’s dance! To win this prize, we must complete a dance workout of 20 minutes or more. In this case, the training app is the only option that I think records this training, so you will have to use it.

A couple of really interesting challenges in which we mainly win the users who do them since it is about moving a bit after all. We are sure that all of you present will take up these challenges that’s coming to the Apple Watch in the next few days, so go for it.



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