USB-C: connector change could extend to all products

Late last week, we told you in this post that Bloomberg announced that it agreed with analyst Ming-Chi Kuo that The 2023 iPhone was going to arrive with USB-C for different reasons, leaving the Lightning connector behind. Well, now in a New tweet from the famous analyst, indicates that not only the iPhone will integrate USB-C but also important accessories such as the AirPods, the MagSafe battery or the Magic Keyboard/Mouse/Trackpad could integrate it in the near future.

Currently, the iPhone and its accessories recharge their batteries thanks to the already consolidated Lightning, which saw the light of day with the launch of the iPhone 5. The strong rumors about a move to USB-C would mean universal, unified connectivity that would satisfy the claims of some regulators (such as the European Union), since countless products already use USB-C connectivity (Android smartphones, the iPad range except entry-level, the latest MacBooks…).

Another possibility that is being considered and rumored for the future is the possibility of Apple presenting a model without ports, with charging via MagSafe or wireless. However, Ming-Chi Kuo thinks in the same tweet that this reality is still a long way off due to the current limitations of wireless technologies

(e.g. charging is never as fast as with a physical adapter and cable) and due to the lack of accessories implementing the use of an iPhone without cables (MagSafe chargers, various accessories using this technology, etc).

Accessories like the AirPods Pro and AirPods Max are set to get an update this year, but We do not expect that in this revision the new connector will be integrated and that we will see the Lightning implemented.

However, a new option with USB-C charging should appear almost immediately if the 2023 iPhone is confirmed to feature this technology, as has already happened with the incorporation of a wireless case into the AirPods.

Undoubtedly, rumors of USB-C in the Apple ecosystem are strong, not only with the iPhone but also with the intention of incorporating more product lines into this standard. Great news for all users we will stop asking “Do you have an iPhone charger?” »



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