Vodafone increases roaming rates in Europe for UK customers


The operator Vodafone officially announces that it will add roaming tariffs in Europe for its UK customers from January next year. This may seem like “normal” news given Brexit, but it is not so much when the operator itself has said through active and passive that it will not add these tariffs to its customers.

In fact, all operators have announced in the UK that they will not change or add these roaming charges in Europe after Brexit, but the first to swallow these words was EE Mobile, and now Vodafone has followed in their footsteps

and announces the arrival of the new tariffs. In 2017, the European Union agreed with mobile operators to eliminate roaming charges within the EU, and when Britain voted to leave the EU, the four operators ensured that ‘they weren’t planning on charging roaming charges again.

Tariffs applied in contract changes, new holders and from January 6

This announcement is official by Vodafone and any user who visits the company from August 11 of this year will be subject to these new rates, these They will start billing on January 6 of next year.

Customers who have contracted the “Unlimited Data Xtra Package” or the “Limited Data Xtra Package” from the operator Vodafone will be exempt from additional payments or roaming tariff changes which will affect other customers. It seems that these customers will not be so lucky and You will have to go through the box to make calls, send messages and more outside the country. The news has been published by various media and one of them is 9To5Mac.



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