Warranty replacements for the new AirPods Max do not include the new ear pads

The new AirPods Max

It’s been a few weeks since we had the new ones among us AirPods Max, the new “professional” headphones from the guys from Cupertino that arrived in the middle of the Christmas season. And yes, there have been many who have been amazed at the good sound they have. Are they for all audiences? probably the price in fact already a lot get off the car, but if you want to buy them … Now we have just learned that If you have a problem and use the warranty, you will need to ship them, or drop them off at an Apple Store, without the electrodes.

. Keep reading as we give you full details on how to replace the new AirPods Max in the event of a warranty replacement.

This is something that doesn’t just happen with this device, if you’ve ever sent a An iPhone or Apple Watch will have asked you to remove the case or bracelet. It makes sense in the end they are “accessories” that have nothing to do with material that can be replaced

under the warranty. As you can see in the previous image, a user requested a warranty replacement. In the packaging that Apple sends us to send the AirPods Max, we already have a legend in which the first step is to remove these tampons
. The next AirPods Max they send us will come without these and we will be able to reuse the ones we already had. Obviously, if the problem is in the bearings and it is due to a manufacturing issue, those would be covered.

Some tampons that For the moment, they are not marketed but they will soon be on sale for $ 79.00 in 5 different colors. High price but you have to take into account their quality and that it will not always have to be changed, in fact if the ones that come with the AirPods Max that we buy we keep them, they should last a long time. You too, What do you think about the price of the new AirPods Max pads?



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