watchOS 9 will include a battery saving mode like that of iOS and iPadOS

watchOS 9 Battery saving mode

the Battery saving mode on iPhone and iPad reduces the power consumption of your devices when they run out of power. This reduction of energy limits certain functionalities of the devices but does not make them useless. In the case of the Apple Watch, until now there was no power saving mode, but when the battery reached the end of the battery, the the screen went black and could only be viewed then

until the battery finally fails. Rumors suggest that watchOS 9 could bring a real Battery Saver mode, And that would be very good news.

Battery Saver mode finally arrives on watchOS 9

As we said, the iOS and iPadOS Battery Saver mode can limit the functions of iPhone and iPad to preserve the battery as much as possible. For example, enabling this mode affects 5G connectivity, auto screen lock, brightness, screen refresh rate, iCloud photos, background email refresh, and background updates. All these functions reduce their activity or are deactivated

until battery saver mode is turned off.

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watchOS, On the contrary, it has a mode of power reserve. It allows the user to know the time when the battery has reached its end. But the rest of the watch is completely useless. This may change with the arrival of watchOS 9 according to Gurman. Apple might consider including a Battery Saver mode that would allow the Apple Watch to run certain apps and functions by limiting the battery they use. This would increase the battery life and above all increase the efficiency of the Apple Watch Series 8

when he launches.

This is just another attempt by Apple to try and improve the battery life of its smartwatches. Because it hasn’t increased in recent years. The arrival of this mode, a new chip and hardware optimization in the 8 Series would mean an increase in the autonomy of the future watch.



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