What a pleasure to visit an Apple store without a mask!

One of the conditions that we have in our country to enter closed spaces is to wear a mask. This element of security has become essential for the entire planet since the arrival of COVID-19. After a year, masks have been the state of the pandemic and while in many places on the planet it continues to be an essential safety feature, in others like in some Apple stores in the United States, it has made history.

A few Apple stores in the United States can be visited without a mask

A report leaked in the middle Bloomberg indicated on end of use of these masks in certain Apple stores in the United States. It’s not for every store across the country, but it is for many. In this sense, stores in California, Florida, Arizona, New York, Louisiana, New Jersey and Connecticut are the first to allow customer access without this security element as of today. hui.

It doesn’t mean that you can’t wear it, just that you don’t have to wear it anymore. In addition, Apple employees must use the mask in all stores despite being vaccinated and in many of them customers can access without them.

Other stores in places such as Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area, store access continues to require customers and workers to wear masks due to local laws that require use to l inside. The same is happening in these stores as here in our country, that at the moment inside is still mandatory its use

. We already want to be able to access the interiors without them, but for that there is still a little …



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