WhatsApp backs off with acceptance of privacy policies


At this time, account blocking and use of the app is canceled for anyone who does not agree to the app’s privacy policies. Therefore the WhatsApp messaging app has just announced that it will not be necessary to agree to these new privacy terms.

The deadline for accepting the conditions of the application has ended next Saturday, May 15th, but ultimately it looks like users who refused to accept the new WhatsApp terms will not experience any type of limitation

in use, at least for now.

We have no doubt that some things will change from now on

The refusal of millions of users of this app to agree to the new, imperatively imposed conditions has generated a lot of enthusiasm on the internet and even in traditional media. WhatsApp will surely end up taking this step sooner or later and force users to agree to its terms for using this app, but now, for the moment, everything has stopped.

If it is true users belonging to the European Union were covered by data protection law, the rest of the world had to agree to WhatsApp’s terms on May 15 to continue using the app. In case of non-acceptance of these conditions, the company has indicated that it will limit the use to the only reception of messages and nothing else … Finally this has been stopped and its acceptance will not be necessary for the moment .

On the other hand, we do not know what will happen to those who have already accepted these terms of use, even if it is true that there will surely be no turning back and WhatsApp (Facebook) will use this data at will so they state in The Next Web.



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