WhatsApp finally introduces the ability to listen to voice notes before sending them

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Voice memos from WhatsApp and many other instant messaging platforms allow users to communicate in a more natural way. Improving these types of functions makes people more comfortable using them. In the case of WhatsApp, it has improved a lot in recent months and we finally got a new feature after six months of testing. It is the possibility of listening to the voice memo before sending it, something that until now could not be done and that WhatsApp launched today.

Listen to voice memos before sending them: WhatsApp gives the function the green light

Why would we want to listen to voice memos before sending them? It’s clear: know that what we want to send is good or we are happy with it. Currently, to send a voicemail message all you need to do is tap the microphone in the conversation and speak. You can also block the recording to avoid having to press the screen all the time, thus activating the hands-free. However, once we were done talking, the message was sent yes or yes, with no ability to review what was recorded.

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Well, in mid-May, WhatsApp introduced in its beta a feature that allowed users to listen to the voice memo that has been recorded before sending it. Finally, this function has seen the light of day and is being rolled out gradually. Indeed, the Meta application announced it through a fairly illustrative video of the problem on its Twitter account:

The functionality will come on both iOS and Android. However, many iOS users report having had issues with previewing voicemail messages with this tool. So in the next few hours or days you will have the possibility to listen to the voice notes before sending them on your iPhone.

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