WhatsApp is working on a new concept of archived chats

The news keeps reaching instant messaging services. Especially WhatsApp, one of the biggest platforms used by billions of users per day. A few weeks ago, the CEO of the company Mark Zuckerberg announced that they are working on an app for the iPad and other devices which will arrive soon. But such developments are hardly plausible until they materialize. For this we have the beta versions of the versions of WhatsApp which are analyzed by different developers. In the last beta it was discovered a new concept of archived chats, similar to Android, will arrive on iOS in the coming weeks.

These will be the future archived WhatsApp chats

The archived discussions They came to WhatsApp a long time ago for the purpose of trying to clean up the inbox to keep those important chats for the user. The current operation of these chats is very simple. When we want to remove a discussion from the main board without deleting its content, we can archive it in a parallel board that we can easily access. The moment that person talks to us again or we have new messages in the archived groups, the chat will appear again in our main bin.

However, the concept of archived WhatsApp chats will change. Thanks to the boys and girls of WABetaInfo, we can see how these discussions are organized in the app. This version will allow the user modify archived chat settings with a new option: “Keep discussions archived”. This feature will allow users to keep discussions in the archive bin even when there are new messages.

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This new option induces further changes in the way messages are notified. Among these new features, the presence of the archived tray always on the screen at the top in which is displayed the number of unread chats and, finally, whether or not we have mentions with an “@” next to the number of chats to read .

This function is already in testing via beta testers TestFlight and WhatsApp and it will reach users soon, although this option has not been officially announced by Facebook. In addition, they have not set a date for the release of the version on the App Store.



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