WhatsApp starts testing video calls for up to 32 people


It had been several days since we had heard from WhatsApp. Remember that the betas of this application are always very varied over the weeks with new functions that are beginning to be tested on many devices. On this occasion, it was Mark Zuckerberg who announced the arrival of call links to join video calls with one touch. Moreover, the possible arrival in the near future of video calls up to 32 people at the same time with secure encryption.

Zuckerberg announces two key new features for WhatsApp: it’s about video calls

Through a brief post on his official Facebook profile, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced two of the most interesting new features for WhatsApp in recent months. First we leave you the statement:

Starting this week, we’re introducing call links on WhatsApp so you can share a link to start a call with just a tap. We are also testing secure encrypted video calls for up to 32 people. Soon there will be more news.

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As we can read, first we are presented call links to join video calls with one touch on Whatsapp. This feature feels familiar to us since iOS 15 introduced this functionality for FaceTime a year and a half ago when the software was unveiled at WWDC21. This function will allow users to be added to a video call without having to add them one by one instead, they can be joined using a link.

On the other hand, Zuckerberg announced that video calls of up to 32 people are starting to be tested. These video calls, like the current calls in all their modalities, will be encrypted, guaranteeing above all the confidentiality and security of the video call. We have not known an arrival date for this function. Only we will have information soon. However, links to join video calls will arrive starting this week.

We have yet to see the progress around the WhatsApp Communities introduced several months ago. A modification of the concept that we understand as groups that will allow us to manage a large number of people in a multitude of groups. Several months ago we learned the major news, but we still don’t have proof in beta form that this reality will reach our screens. We just have to wait.



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